New York - Metropolitan

Brooklyn—the largest of the five boroughs that comprise New York City—is home to Lutheran Medical Center, a primary training site for several LMC Dental residency programs as well as programs in family medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, and an osteopathic rotating internship. NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine’s health center partners are located throughout Brooklyn and neighboring boroughs. New York City is known for its historic neighborhoods, wonderful parks and cultural treasures. Brooklyn is a short subway or ferry ride away from Manhattan, an international center of business, art, and entertainment. While metropolitan New York possesses great wealth, there are also numerous pockets of extreme poverty. NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine and its health center partners help to ensure equitable and affordable dental care while enhancing and honing the skills of postdoctoral dental practitioners.

CityHealth CenterPrograms
Brooklyn NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers (NYU LFHC) ANESTH
NYU Lutheran Orthodontics ORTHO
Downtown Brooklyn Housing Works AEGD
Lower Manhattan Callen Lorde Community Health Center AEGD
New York (Manhattan) NYU College of Dentistry AEGD
Southeast Brooklyn NYU Lutheran- Caribbean-American Family Health Centers AEGD
Southwest Brooklyn NYU Lutheran- Brooklyn Chinese Family Health Center AEGD
Upper Manhattan Upper Room AIDS Ministry, Inc., Harlem United AEGD

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