2 Residents Selected to AAPD Resident Committee

Congratulations to Dr. Christy Tran, NYU Langone Dental Medicine Pediatric Dentistry resident at our Columbia, MO training site, and to Dr. Naheed Ahmad, NYU Langone Dental Medicine Pediatric Dentistry resident at our San Diego training site.  Drs. Tran and Ahmad were two of six new members selected to serve on the Pediatric Dental Residents Committee Group on AAPD's Little Teeth Chat.  This is a prestigious appointment with a rigorous selection process.

The vision of the Residents Committee is to evaluate, address, and support the needs and desires of residents in order to establish a lifelong relationship with the AAPD.

The duties of the Pediatric Dental Residents Committee, as listed in the AAPD Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual, are to:

  1. Provide a forum for residents issues and a communications mechanism to link residents across the country
  2. Facilitate opportunities for residents to contribute to AAPD activities and initiatives
  3. Assist residents education about the AAPD as well as current issues facing pediatric dentistry on a local, national, and global level
  4. Cultivate future pediatric dentistry leaders.

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