LMC-PEDS receives nearly $15,000 of in-kind contribution from NuSmile

NuSmile has made an in-kind contribution of custom-assembled kits comprised of 48 aesthetic, ziroconia, primary, anterior crowns with a retail value at nearly $15,000. Twenty-one LMC-PEDS affiliated training sties in Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington State and their patients will benefit from NuSmile’s generous gift.

In addition, NuSmile Crowns is sponsoring a live lecture by Dr. William Waggnoner, a nationally-recognized expert on pediatric dental restoration technique, who will present an LMC-PEDS VTC lecture at 3pm (ET) on Thursday, January 22, 2015. You may view a 3-minute video presentation by Dr. Waggoner at the NuSmile website link, located HERE.

LMC-PEDS extends its greatest appreciation to Ms. Diane Johnson Krueger, the CEO at NuSmile, for the company’s generosity and continuing support of dental education.

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