Georgia offers residents a blend of urban living and country life with a touch of old-fashioned southern charm. The state is known for its historic sites, variety of musical traditions, parks, and diverse wildlife population. Attractions include the Masters Golf Tournament, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Stone Mountain, and Providence Canyon State Park. NYU Langone Dental Medicine's health center partners in Georgia are Massell Dental Clinic and Grady Health System, both serving the capital city of Atlanta and surrounding area. According to a study released in 2014 by the Brookings Institution, Atlanta has the largest disparity between rich and poor of any major city in the country. The ratio between the income of the wealthiest 5 percent of Atlanta households - those making $280,000 or more a year - and the bottom 20 percent - those making $14,850 or less - is significantly higher than any other American city. NYU Langone Dental Medicine and its health center partners help to ensure equitable and affordable dental care while enhancing and honing the skills of postdoctoral dental practitioners.

CityHealth CenterPrograms
Atlanta Ben Massell Dental Clinic AEGD
Good Samaritan Health Center AEGD
Grady Health System AEGD

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