Missouri is known for its unique barbeque flavors and the St. Louis World’s Fair where the ice cream cone was invented. Residents can visit the Gateway Arch, Titanic Museum, and numerous underground caverns. Bordering 9 other states, Missouri offers residents the opportunity to learn and experience the diversity of U.S. culture. Five health centers are located in Springfield, Missouri in the heart of the Ozarks.  With a population of nearly 200,000, it is home the Missouri State University, Triple-A Springfield Cardinals baseball, and offers incredible night life, hiking and biking trails, camping, fishing and plenty to see and do for the entire family. NYU Langone Dental Medicine’s health center partner in Missouri—Jordan Valley Community Health Center—is located in Springfield. It was reported in 2014 that poverty rates have risen dramatically, going from 9.9% to 21.8% over a ten year period, and more than 60% of students in Springfield Public Schools receive free or reduced lunch. In 2013, 15.9% of people in Missouri had incomes below the poverty line ($23,834 for a family of four) and 27.8% of people under age 65 and below 138% of the poverty line did not have health insurance. NYU Langone Dental Medicine and its health center partners help to ensure equitable and affordable dental care while enhancing and honing the skills of postdoctoral dental practitioners.

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