Rhode Island

Don’t let the name fool you: Rhode Island is actually surrounded by land on 3 sides. However, much of life in the state still focuses on the water. Popular outdoor activities include boating and fishing as well as hiking, biking, hunting, and golfing. Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, it has much to offer residents that study here. NYU Langone Dental Medicine’s health partner sites in Rhode Island are located in Johnston, Pawtucket and the state’s capital, Providence. Rhode Island (10.4%) had the 3rd highest annual average unemployment rate in the country in 2012, trailing Nevada (11.1%) and California (10.5%). The annual average unemployment rate for the United States as a whole in 2012 was 8.1 percent. In 2013, 14.3% of people in Rhode Island had incomes below the poverty line ($23,834 for a family of four) and 23.2% of people under age 65 and below 138% of the poverty line did not have health insurance. NYU Langone Dental Medicine and its health center partners help to ensure equitable and affordable dental care while enhancing and honing the skills of postdoctoral dental practitioners.

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