Mission Trips - Equador

NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine’s mission is to develop and grow national oral health programs that set global standards for technologically advanced patient-centered dental education while grounded in service and collaboration. Consistent with our mission to ensure exceptional oral health care to the world’s neediest citizens and underserved communities, NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine is pleased to share names of organizations that are equally committed to equity in access to oral healthcare. Although NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine does not sponsor nor endorse any of these mission trip programs, we are proud that many of our faculty and friends participate in global volunteerism. We encourage everyone to speak with our faculty and staff about programs should a resident or faculty member wish to consider participation in volunteering for global initiatives. Please carefully read NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine’s policies on participation and waiver of liability here prior to volunteer activities.


Aloha Medical Mission
Dr. Lynn Fujimoto

Contact Dr. Fujimoto

Mission Dates are August for 14 days (Equador) and Feb - March for 10 days (Philippines).

Real World Experience. Real World Advantage.

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