Annual Suturing and Surgery Techniques on Actual Wild Pig Jaws at KKV

Each year, under the mentorship of Dr. Neil Furuya, attending periodontist at Kokua Kalihi Valley (KKV) in Honolulu, HI, the Oahu incoming NYU Langone Dental Medicine AEGD class perform various periodontal suturing techniques on pig jaws donated by pig hunters across the state. This unique experience occurred late July 2015.

From left, under the mask:

1. Romi Chua--USC--Waianae
2. Hennasea Tokumura--Univ. of Pacific--Waimanalo 
3. Laura Van--UCLA--KKV 
4. Dr. Neil Furuya--attending periodontist, KKV 
5. Tru Tran--Tufts--KKV 
6. Kathleen Cruz--Tufts--KKV 
7. Anne Tran--Boston Univ.--KKV 
8. Caitlin Chamberlain--UMKC--KKV 
Standing: Dr. Ken Choy, attending periodontist, KKV 

Tags: Periodontics

Real World Experience. Real World Advantage.

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