Congratulations Drs. Reznik and Chay!

Congratulations Drs. Reznik and Chay!

Dr. David Reznik, NYU Langone Dental Medicine AEGD Associate Program Director in Georgia and Dr. Eunice Chay, NYU Langone Dental Medicine AEGD alumnus, '18 were both awarded Outstanding Dentist of the Year by the Georgia Dental Hygiene Association. Additionally, they have successfully navigated the legislative change to allow general supervision for dental hygienists in Georgia. Lastly, they created APP OH-I-CAN, which is in the testing phase. This APP includes the OHIP 14 (oral health related quality of life), which can be used for research and patient care.

Title: Oral Health In Communities and Neighborhoods (OH I CAN) aka The Burden of Poor Oral Health in Georgia

To address the vast oral health disparities that exist for low income and minority families, the dental/healthcare neighborhood program seeks to create a community wide comprehensive oral health network in a low income and minority neighborhoods to increase access to oral health education and services. The oral health program performed community needs assessments which informed the team’s work. Other goals of the project are to increase the number of healthcare professionals in low resource areas trained to provide basic oral health care/cancer screening; train primary care registered nurses, nurse practitioner, and nurse practitioner students to provide basic oral examinations, cancer screening and how to administer fluoride varnish; improving community knowledge about preventive oral care; increase the dental workforce by allowing dental hygienists to perform preventive dental care via indirect supervision; and increase capacity and improve quality of low cost oral healthcare through the NYU Langone Dental Medicine AEGD residency program.


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