Request for Speakers: 2020 Annual NYU Langone PEDS Alumni Conference

Now that we have completed the successful 3rd Annual Dr. Silvia Perez PEDS Alumni Conference, we are already planning the 2020 conference. The theme for the 2020 conference is "Contemporary Practice Models for Pediatric Dentistry: Economic, Societal, and Patient Care Outcomes" and will probably be scheduled in San Diego on either Saturday, 8th or 15th February 2020.

The program is soliciting interested speakers to discuss the various types practice models as exemplified in the list below.

  1. For-profit dentist-owned solo practice
  2. Dentist Owned and Operated Group Practice (An aggregation of a variable number and/or type of dentists in a single practice that may be located at a single or multiple sites completely owned and operated by dentists, usually organized as a partnership or professional corporation.)
  3. Dental Management Organization Affiliated Group Practice (A group practice that has contracted with a dental management organization to conduct all of the business activities of the practice that do not involve the statutory practice of dentistry, sometimes including the ownership of the physical assets of the practice. There are several types of dental management organizations and there can be significant variations in the nature of the agreements between the dentist and the dental management organization.)
  4. Insurer-Provider Group Practice (A group practice that is part of an organization that both insures the health care of an enrolled population and also provides their health care services.)
  5. Not-for-Profit Group Practice (e.g, Federally Qualified Health Center; A group practice that is operated by a charitable, educational or quasi-governmental organization that often focuses on providing treatment for disadvantaged populations or training healthcare professionals.)
  6. Government Agency Group Practice (e.g. Veteran Administration, County Dental Clinic, etc.; A group practice that is part of a government agency. It is organized and managed completely by the agency. All dentists are government employees or contractors and operate according to agency policies.)
  7. Hybrid Group Practice (A group practice that does not clearly fit into any of the above categories and can exhibit some characteristics of several of them.)

Speakers are asked to provide a 50-minute presentation, plus 10-minutes for Q&A.

If you are interested in, or know of any pediatric dentists who might be interested in, providing a lecture presentation, please contact Dr. David Okuji by email at

In advance, thank you for your consideration and support for the PEDS Alumni Conference.

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