Successful AEGD Workshop Hosted by ICON

Dr. Al-Allaq , NYU AEGD site director and continuing education director has arranged an annual workshop for the NYU Langone AEGD residency program by DMG America using the ICON system in Princess Anne, Maryland.
ICON is a minimally invasive restorative treatment for post-orthodontic white-spot lesions, mild to moderate fluorosis and selective cases of congenital hypocalcification and demineralization.
This is the first time in history that ICON has hosted a workshop within a residency program. This workshop was overseen by Ken Berkley, DMG America's Director of Business Development, who emphasized the techniques of application and management, chairside for the AEGD residents.
This opportunity is given to our AEGD residents to experience the efficiency and efficacy of the treatment using resin infiltration with a minimally invasive material and technique.
The workshop consists of two components, including a presentation on the uses of ICON and its indications, and hands-on patient treatment on selected cases.
This hands on workshop was a great success from both clinical and academic aspects for the residents. We look forward to arranging a similar workshop for our AEGD residency program next year.

Real World Experience. Real World Advantage.

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