Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer

Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer

By Becky Herman, Director of Recruitment and Community Outreach

NYU Langone Dental Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Program


I read an article featured in the ADEA GoDental Newsletter, "Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer From a Predent's Perspective" 

While Aileen Cruz-Lezama is a pre-dent student talking about applying to dental school, she makes several points relevant to postdoctoral residency program applicants.  I've pulled a few of her comments and noted them below for all dental school graduates who may be considering a postdoctoral residency program.

Application Season Is Heating Up

And summer is a great time to focus on getting into a residency program.  Many residency programs, including NYU Langone Dental Medicine, consider more than just your dental school class rank or GPA.  Unique summer experiences, dental related or outside of dentistry, can help to make you a competitive applicant. 

  • Dive into one of your passions and find a way to get involved in your community.
  • Take time to travel and visit a postgraduate dental program or programs you're interested in learning more about
  • Shadow in a dental clinic or private practice for one or more days
  • Volunteer at a non-profit organization that means something to you
  • Help a child, family member, or colleague in need

Remember these unique life experiences when you're interviewing and share them with faculty, current residents, and staff.

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