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Hamilton Community Health Network: “Where Caring Comes First”. Established in 1982, Hamilton Community Health Network is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive, quality, community-oriented health care for the underserved throughout Flint and Genesee Counties. It is part of a national network of primary care centers aimed at improving health services for inner city populations. Since 1988, the Center has received Health Care for the Homeless funding to address the growing needs of the homeless population. Community Health Network is concerned with patient-centered management a family’s chronic and acute disease, oral health management, health promotion and disease prevention. Centers of excellence include adult primary care, pediatric primary care, general dentistry, ob/gyn, behavioral services, lab services, podiatry and vision services. Facilities are conveniently located along major thoroughfares and public transportation routes. Dental services are provided at 3 nearby locations. There are 9 faculty practioners on-site - highly skilled in general, pediatric, and prosthodontics specialties. Residents can expect to be supported by dental hygienists and assistants while gaining invaluable experience in: Cosmetic dentistr, Crown lengthening, Diagnostics and Preventive service, Endodontics (single rooted teeth and multiple rooted teeth), Implant placement, implant restoration, Oral surgery, Pain management, Pediatric dentistry, Periodontics (Sealing and root planing- no perio surgery done on premises), Restorative dentistry, Prosthetics and more.

Number of Positions 4
Organization Address

2900 North Saginaw Street
Flint, Michigan 48505

Contact information

Dr. Gary Brunk
AEGD Associate Director 

Website www.hamiltonchn.org

Hamilton Community Health Network - Main
2900 North Saginaw Street
Flint, Michigan 48505

Hamilton Community Health Network - Burton
3375 South Saginaw Street
Burton, Michigan 48529

Hamilton Community Health Network - North Pointe
5710 Clio Road
Flint, Michigan 48504

Year network/office opened 1984
Total # of operatories 10
Digital Radiology Yes

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